Additional training can increase earning potential

The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a federally funded program designed to support jobseekers in obtaining industry-specific credentials and/or certifications that help them secure employment and increase their ability to earn higher wages.

Use the table below to explore jobs that quailfy for WIOA- funded occupational skills training. WIOA participants seeking training in an occupation not on this Demand Occupations list may discuss the appropriateness and relevance with their career advisor.


WorkSource Metro Atlanta provides occupational specific skills training for industries that are stable and provide opportunities for career growth.

Demand Occupations

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Typical Education
Work Experience
On-the-Job Training
Total Jobs
AVG. Hourly wage
10YR New Demand
TitleSOC CodeCategoryTypical EducationWork ExperienceOn-the-Job TrainingTotal JobsAverage Hourly Wage10-Year Total New Demand
Human Resources Specialists13-1071Business and Financial Operations OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone13,007$3216,809
Management Analysts13-1111Business and Financial Operations OccupationsBachelor's degreeLess than 5 yearsNone15,868$4719,740
Project Management Specialists13-1082Business and Financial Operations OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone37,271$3943,042
Business Operations Specialists, All Other13-1199Business and Financial Operations OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone37,271$3943,042
Accountants and Auditors13-2011Business and Financial Operations OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone25,030$4328,527
Financial and Investment Analysts13-2051Business and Financial Operations OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone9,764$4410,246
Financial Risk Specialists13-2054Business and Financial Operations OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone9,764$4410,246
Financial Specialists, All Other13-2099Business and Financial Operations OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone9,764$4410,246
Computer Systems Analysts15-1211Computer and Mathematical OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone12,127$4611,174
Information Security Analysts15-1212Computer and Mathematical OccupationsBachelor's degreeLess than 5 yearsNone3,196$514,031
Computer Network Architects15-1241Computer and Mathematical OccupationsBachelor's degree5 years or moreNone4,187$603,490
Database Administrators15-1242Computer and Mathematical OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone3,959$493,630
Database Architects15-1243Computer and Mathematical OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone3,959$493,630
Network and Computer Systems Administrators15-1244Computer and Mathematical OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone6,095$445,280
Software Developers15-1252Computer and Mathematical OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone40,336$5145,215
Software Quality Assurance Analysts and Testers15-1253Computer and Mathematical OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone40,336$5145,215
Web Developers15-1254Computer and Mathematical OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone3,639$463,799
Web and Digital Interface Designers15-1255Computer and Mathematical OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone3,639$463,799
Kindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education25-2012Educational Instruction and Library OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone1,784$292,168
Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education25-2021Educational Instruction and Library OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone19,619$3117,923
Middle School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education25-2022Educational Instruction and Library OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone11,011$3110,072
Secondary School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education25-2031Educational Instruction and Library OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone12,905$3111,353
Graphic Designers27-1024Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone4,673$265,468
Registered Nurses29-1141Healthcare Practitioners and Technical OccupationsBachelor's degreeNoneNone36,445$3726,752

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