Earn & Learn Opportunities

Earn and learn opportunities for jobseekers who meet eligibility requirements allow them to gain first hand experience and discover what jobs in an industry are really like.*


Jobseekers of all ages, experience levels, and backgrounds can benefit from access to training that takes place outside of the classroom.

On-the-Job Training

On-the-Job Training is provided by an employer to a new employee participant to help them gain key knowledge or skills essential to be successful in a position.


An apprenticeship is a formal program combining practical and technical skills delivered through a combination of classroom instruction an on-the-job training.


An internship is a time-limited, structured learning opportunity that is connected to an academic program and provides paid or unpaid work experience to help that participant gain experience outside of the classroom.

Work Experience

A paid or unpaid opportunity that exposes participants to an organization or industry to acquire personal attributes, knowledge and skills needed to obtain a job and secure employment.

*Earn and learn opportunities are based on availability only

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