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Advanced Manufacturing

Learn about jobs in the advanced manufacturing industry and explore opportunities for career growth. Scroll down to see which top manufacturing employers in the Metro Atlanta area are currently hiring entry-level talent.

The advanced manufacturing industry by the numbers:



people in the Metro Atlanta area

Accounts for


of all jobs in the Metro Atlanta area


entry-level job postings in the past 12 months

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment Statistics, 4/14/2021 []

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Industry Overview

  • Advanced manufacturing is an engine of the U.S.’s economic power and a cornerstone of its national security.
  • Advances in manufacturing allow the economy to continuously improve as new innovations and technologies boost productivity, support new product development, and establish entirely new industries.
  • Manufacturing careers are all about working with your hands and not at a desk.

Essential Skills

Manufacturing is being transformed through artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, automation, analytics, and the Internet of Things. As technology continues to transform the manufacturing industry, workers will have to learn new techniques, concepts, and skills and embrace lifelong learning.

  • Communication
  • Organizational Skills
  • Quality Assurance
  • Customer Service
  • Physical Abilities
  • Repair
  • Detail Oriented
  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Microsoft Office
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork

Common Career Pathway

Find more information on occupations within the advanced manufacturing industry based on education level below.

High school or less


Team Assemblers

Median Annual Wage


Certificate (4-6 weeks)



Median Annual Wage



Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers

Median Annual Wage



Maintenance and Repair Workers, General

Median Annual Wage


Diploma (1 year)


Industrial Machinery Mechanics

Median Annual Wage


How do I start my career in Advanced Manufacturing?

Do Some Research

  • Assess your interests, aptitudes, skills, personality and preferences.
  • Getting to know yourself helps you match your interest and skills to different careers.
  • Use to learn about various careers.

Expand Your Network

  • Join a professional organization and take advantage of social media like LinkedIn.
  • Intern at a local manufacturer.
  • Use your network to help you learn about career pathways, educational opportunities, and job responsibilities and expectations.

Get Training

  • Many manufacturing jobs don’t require a bachelor’s degree.
  • Check out for a list of eligible training providers to get started in your manufacturing career.

Where can I work?

Repetitive Assembly Line

In a repetitive manufacturing plant, assembly lines produce a single item multiple times. The machinery is calibrated for only one product and the line operates faster or slower depending on the consumer demand for the product. A second assembly line may open seasonally as demand requires.

Discrete Assembly Line

In a discrete manufacturing environment, the production line may produce a variety of items. The machinery facilitates convenient changeovers. There is more downtime in this environment, as tear-down and set-up must take place between different batches.

Job Shop

A job shop uses production areas rather than assembly lines. These areas may produce one item or many. A job shop has more labor operations than automated machinery, and typically produces fewer items than either a repetitive or discrete assembly line.

Top manufacturing employers hiring entry-level talent

Source: Burning Glass Technologies. “Labor Insight™ Real-Time Labor Market Information Tool.” 5/31/21

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