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Browse our available webinar topics below to watch previously recorded content or register for an upcoming session. Our virtual resources are free of charge and feature expertise from Career Resource Centers throughout the 10-county metro Atlanta region.

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Wed, Sep 1 - 12:00 am - 44m

Meet the Employer: Kroger Delivery

Metro Atlanta’s job market is booming, and WorkSource Atlanta Regional is giving jobseekers the opportunity to meet the local employers who are hiring. This “Meet the Employer” webinar features Kroger Delivery, they are hiring fulfillment center associates and customer service delivery drivers for the state-of-the-art Robotics Fulfillment Center in Forest Park.

Thu, Jun 3 - 12:00 am - 57m

Work-based Learning Programs

Thu, Mar 11 - 4:00 pm - 45m

Tips for Writing a Winning Resume

Wed, Mar 3 - 12:00 am - 1.1 hrs

Job Search Tips for Older Workers

This webinar will give older workers the advice and support they need to make finding a job easier. A team of experts from IN THE DOOR, a workforce and economic development organization, will discuss resume tips, strategies to overcome ageism, scams to avoid, resources, and more.

Thu, Feb 11 - 12:00 am - 1 hr

The Power of Veterans in the Workforce

In this webinar, our panelists will be discussing a range of topics affecting veterans and their families. We will share information about several different ways that the Georgia Department of Labor and the VA can help job seeking Veterans with obtaining and maintaining employment as well as how employers can receive assistance in hiring and retaining Veteran employees.

Wed, Feb 10 - 12:00 am - 1 hr

Essential Soft Skills for Career Growth

This webinar will focus on the nature of “Soft Skills” and why using them in interviews and the workplace is important to achieving career growth and success. The presentation will provide participants with an overview of soft skills, practical tips, and methods to strengthen them. When you complete this webinar, you will learn useful skills that will help you to improve your work, your career, and your life.

What a difference a few months can make. We all have been facing a wild range of emotions haven’t we? FEAR has gripped many of us. There is Good and bad FEAR. Good FEAR (Face Everything And Rise) can help us. We should be fearful crossing a busy street. However bad FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real, Forget Everything And Run) can prevent us from moving forward and achieving what we are capable of.

While our centers at WIOA may currently be closed, we are open more than ever FOR YOU! Before, during, and after each webinar please contact us directly and we will develop a “game plan” specifically for YOU. This live webinar is the first in a series that will cover EVERYTHING you need to know to “Make it happen for you vs. letting it happen to you!” We will have webinars on virtually every employment topic. From what field is best for me to how to increase your starting salary and starting work to be highly successful.

Our centers are closed to enter, but we are OPEN to assist YOU! This is another webinar in a series. if you have any questions before, during or after each webinar, please contact us directly & well will develop a “game plan” specifically for YOU (just email
In this webinar, we will learn how to handle some of the most often asked interview questions and “Knock them out of the park.”
*Tell me a little bit about yourself
*What are your strengths & weaknesses
*The money question
*How to present yourself in a “feature/benefit” presentation (This is OUTSTANDING as most job seekers have no idea)

Wed, Jun 10 - 1:00 pm - 1 hr

Navigating a Career Change Successfully

Are you in the process of or ready for a career change? Changing careers is a big event in anyone’s life. It can be overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating, and it can also be exciting and exhilarating. If you are in a career transition or thinking of making a career change, join us for this free one hour webinar and learn how to navigate your career change successfully.

Tue, Jun 9 - 11:00 am - 1 hr

How To Get The Career YOU Want NOW

Sun, May 31 - 12:00 pm - 1 hr

How To Be Successful In Changing Times

Navigating how to be successful in changing times.

A Survey report from 2019 Global Talent Trends (LinkedIn) showed that 91 percent of employers agree that soft skills development is crucial, 80 percent believe that soft skills are increasingly important in terms of a company’s success. Our presenter, Marianette ReFour, Marianette has worked over 20 years as a Licensed Professional Counselor. In 2015 she incorporated Employment and Career coaching where she teaches on soft skills via Work/Job Readiness programs and Workshops.

In this webinar, we will learn: incredible techniques to calm yourself immediately, how to gain confidence while relaxing, keys to success, how to harness the power of the subconscious mind to accomplish goals and techniques to relax and increase confidence and motivation. Our presenter, Darice Bossen over the last 23 years has helped thousands of adults and children reach their goals and make positive changes in their lives.

In this webinar, we will learn: how to be a genius in life, how to find others FAST who want to help you, how to network easily and how to have fun while being highly successful. Our presenter, Bill Lins CPC, has consulted thousands of job seekers’ along with assisting hundreds of corporations on hiring top talent in his over 30 years.

Tue, May 12 - 11:00 am - 1 hr

The 10 Commandments of Getting Hired NOW

In this webinar, we will learn: 10 Steps to take to make it happen for your vs. letting it happen to you; How to present yourself; How to move forward faster plus much more. Our presenter, Bill Lins CPC, has consulted thousands of job seekers’ along with assisting hundreds of corporations on hiring top talent in his over 30 years.

Mon, Apr 6 - 12:00 am - 1 hr

Ask the Experts – April 6

This webinar is for YOU, please ask away on ANY employment questions you have and how to develop a game plan for YOU!

In this webinar, we learn: where most hires come from, creating interviews, how to start and fine tune our game plan that works for US.

Learn what the most often questions are asked and how to present yourself in a feature/benefit presentation (this is OUTSTANDING as most job seekers have no idea).

Learn what the most often questions are asked and how to present yourself in a feature/benefit presentation (this is OUTSTANDING as most job seekers have no idea) and QUESTIONS TO ASK the Employer!

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