Am I selecting the right industry based on my skills and interests?

Does this industry provide me the financial opportunity I need to support my needs?

Does this school/program help me get the license, certification, or degree that I need for the industry of my choice?

  • Training Provider Research: Complete and upload
  • Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE): Your career advisor will work with you to set-up a date and time to take the TABE Assessment
  • Acceptance into Training Program: Complete and upload
  • Technical College or University:
    • Apply for FAFSA
    • Financial Aid Summary: Ask school to provide you with your financial aid summary and upload
  • Specialized Assessment:
    • ProveIt Assessment: If you are planning on taking a Specialized Training (IT, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma), you may be required to take an additional assessment

Career and Development Goals

Additional Documents

Your Career Advisor will provide you with the materials to complete the following:

  • OCGA Affidavit
  • Authorization to Release Information
  • Fee Schedule
  • Supportive Services
  • Enrollment Agreement